Monday, March 29, 2010

Incarcerating Drug Court clients would cost nearly $20 million; statewide Drug Court program costs only $3 million

Here's an excerpt from the Judiciary's testimony to the Legislature:

it would cost about $19.6 million to incarcerate everyone for one year, as compared to the entire adult drug court appropriation for FY 2010 of just over $3 million

And here's a link to the .pdf of the entire 7-page testimony to be presented on Wednesday:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Upcoming Maui/Moloka`i Drug Court graduation ceremonies

Thursday, January 21st (Maui)
Monday, January 25th (Moloka`i)
Thursday, April 22nd (Maui)
Monday, April 26th (Moloka`i)

News from Oklahoma: " State's drug courts save taxpayers' money"

Drug courts, if nothing else, make good economic sense for the state. A year in drug court costs about $5,000 compared to $19,000 to keep someone incarcerated

For Veterans Day: a look at a veterans drug court

Drug court is one of the best ideas ever to hit Pierce County’s criminal justice system. It’s just been joined by another great idea: veterans drug court.

Interesting criminal-justice reform blog: Center for Court Innovation